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Carpenter's Tools

A Little About Me

Humble Beginnings

I was raised in a small town in Southwest Missouri where my father always built everything we needed around the house and I was fortunate to be able to learn so much from him, and am still learning from him today. I would say my love of woodworking developed around 25 years ago when I was able to do home renovations with my father and build new items we needed around the house. I joined the Army right out of High School and for many years I never touched another tool to wood until the love of woodworking was rekindled while I was deployed to Afghanistan. While there I was privileged to assist in building needed items for other soldiers and local nationals around the base. I was set up my first workshop in 2008 and started to renovate my house and build needed items. In 2016 I retired from the Army and moved into a small apartment. While I lost my workshop in this downsizing, it showed me how much can be created with simple hand tools and kindled a whole new level of passion for woodworking. In 2020 my love of woodworking led me to create Three Monkey's Woodworking, which has allowed me to assist people realize their dreams through custom woodworking. Even after all of these years, there is a multitude of techniques and plans that I have not had the chance to try, but I look forward to each challenge this craft brings my way. Hope to hear from you soon and help you realize your vison.

The Story: The Story
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